Why do I work?

This is the first blog post I’m writing here my personal corner of the Internet I recently put together. I could have done it to present myself, or any other ‘cliché’ of a first blog post, but today on the 13th of March 2021, I read this article and I decided to give it a try and use Design Thinking to sort of reflecting on my current view of the world and of my own life. The first numbered section of the article is titled “Designing your life idea #1: Connect the dots”, and here the author of the article says that if you can connect who you are to what you believe and what you do, you’ll experience your life as more meaningful. I’m a Christian for quite a good amount of years now, so I have a set of beliefs that deeply influence my view of the world, but let’s try this out and answer the main questions the author asks.

What’s my theory of work? What’s it for? What’s work in service of?

As I mentioned in the introduction I’m a Christian. Even though I was born and raised in a Christian family, there’s a time in your life that you try to understand if what has been taught to you makes sense for you, and for me that happened to be between 1999 and 2009. So my belief of why humanity exists and its purpose in this world is highly influenced by it. For me, this life on Earth is something that is temporary and so I don’t see work as one of the drivers of my motivation for life. I work because in our society you need to have money to have the resources to survive. So I say all the time that I work to live and I definitely don’t live to work. If the concept of living in society didn’t have the concept of currency and needing something to acquire the resources you need to live, I would be happy living in a society where you would share everything with everyone. So work is just a way of earning the currency that will help me get the resources and pay for the activities that help me survive and enhance my life by making me happy.

Why am I here? How does the world work?

I’m here because God allowed me to come into existence and because he has a plan for my life. I’m the one that makes the decisions that will affect if that plan is fulfilled or not. I have the free will to make those decisions, but that also means that I’m the one that faces the consequences of those decisions. Life it’s not a matter of luck and definitely, that is not a matter of being successful in your career. Regarding how the world works, the Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil, and I truly believe in it. The way the world works is proof of that. And the way we as humans react to life is also deeply influenced by that. The love of money is deeply connected with everything bad that happens around the world, which is a direct influence of all the bad decisions humanity takes due to money.

So, these two thoughts make me think that the fact that I don’t see my career or work as a drive of motivation for my life is deeply influenced by my belief that we’re here on a temporary purpose and the need to gain status either through money or through a position in a company is not something that motivates me. Maybe I should look for a job where I would be helping people more directly? That’s something for me to think about because my current work is already aimed at helping people succeed and be happy in their careers. But again, I don’t see a career like something you should pursue in life, so that explains why I’m feeling the need to explore different areas of interest of mine and leave the Tech area that has been my world since I entered college. Yeah, that makes sense to me.

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